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Water purifier eliminates common water pollution and makes it safe for human consumption  as it not only eliminates water contamination but also improves water taste and makes it suitable the use and use of disease-free water not only protects people from water-borne diseases but also improves the immune system. It also improves the system so that people can protect themselves from many types of pathogens.

Eureka Forbes is a multi-brand, multi-channel organization. Formerly part of the famous Shapoorji Pallonji group, Eureka Forbes is the leading health and hygiene brand in India. In addition to being one of Asia’s largest marketing powers, it has sales, institutional and e-commerce channels, a network of innovative business partners, a rural channel and one of India’s most expanded service networks.

Eureka Forbes has become a pioneer and trendsetter in direct sales in India and is one of the largest direct-selling companies in the world today. Our direct marketing power is over 10,000+ and operates in 150+ Customer Response Centers in more than 120 cities and towns across the country. The award-winning Aquaguard is Eureka Forbes’ leading water purifier. The award-winning Forbes Vacuum cleaners are market leaders.

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Dr. Aquaguard and AquaSure built with Universal, RO and UV technology not only deliver clean but healthy water. A clear list of filters is available between the price range MRP ₹ 595 to MRP ₹ 32,690, allowing you to choose the most efficient one to suit your needs. Shop with Range or Technology to choose the most suitable water purifier.


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Universal water purifier is equipped with RO, UV and UF technology to provide you with customized water solutions. It is built with the ability to automatically detect the water source and purify the water to a high standard.

RO technology separates salts and heavy metals from your water, allowing them to pass through a thin layer of composite film, freeing them from physical and chemical contamination. It effectively reduces the hardness in your water to enhance its flavor by making it more palatable.


RO technology uses Reverse Osmosis to purify the water, where in water the pressure exceeds high pressure with a composite film that reduces dissolved salts and removes chemical and biological pollutants and also lowers TDS levels in permissible drinking water. limits. It keeps water free of germs, chemicals and pathogens, and also enhances the taste of water which makes it delicious.


There are various types of UV water purifiers online. This technology uses ultraviolet radiation to boil and purify water. The water thus obtained is safe and is released from all pathogens that cause disease. Water treated with UV technology has all the benefits of boiling water for 20 minutes in less than a minute. In addition, it also sets aside the possibility of re-contamination, which is always present when cooled and treated, when boiling water by hand.


Non-electric water purifiers provide complete cleaning without the use of electricity. A smart choice of clean and safe drinking water, Eureka Forbes offers its customer a very inexpensive range of highly efficient filters. India’s leading non-electric water purifiers, too, come with features that are easy to install, as well as portable, allowing you to place anywhere as you like. The filtering method works effectively with the help of advanced cartridges, making your water free from water-borne diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and cysts. It is also built with a large storage capacity to help you get access to easily accessible drinking water at all times.


Made of non-toxic biodegradable materials, useful water bottles cause tap water to break down by purifying the water and removing microbiological contaminants such as germs and bacteria as well as environmental pollutants. Water passes through a cartridge that carries germs and other impurities to provide clean drinking water. The cartridge has an extended life that allows you to get healthy drinking water to fill up to 600, and the unique natural closure system gradually reduces water flow when the cartridge life ends and needs to be replaced. By choosing the On the Go cleaner you will also be able to participate in the green space, as it reduces plastic waste to about 500 liters.

Eureka Forbes Customer Care

We must not forget that the RO of the water purifier is also a machine. These electrical items deteriorate after repeated use and need to be repaired. Water purifiers always recommend that people get their water purification service every 3 months so that the water purifier filters work longer and remove impurities with full efficiency like regular water purifiers. Water purifiers are complex machines. Therefore, it requires proper training to repair such water purifiers. Have you ever found that water leaks in a water purifier? Or hear a vibration in your water purifier? Looking for a RO Water Purification Service Center? Don’t worry! RO Water Purifier Varanasi is here to help you in resolving your issues. RO Water Purifier Varanasi has come up with a new platform where you can find a Eureka Forbes water purification service without much hassle. 

RO Water Purifier Varanasi has come up with a new platform where you can find a Eureka Forbes water purification service without much hassle. You may feel surprised! We provides a door to door service where a certified water purifier will come to your door and assist you with a repair service. Whatever the problem, such as water flow slower than usual, leakage in the faucet, foul odour or bad taste of water, etc. will be serviced in Varanasi.  Our specialist assists in all types of repairs and service on all Eureka Forbes water purifier models. Hire an expert at RO Water Purifier Varanasi for best repair and installation service in Varanasi.