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AO Smith Water Purifier

Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers are mostly recommended for regions where the TDS level is higher than 200. A.O. Smith’s wall-mounted and under-sink water purifiers are built with precision and engineering. A.O. Smith’s high-end electric water purifiers are natural, efficient and enhance the style of your kitchen with a sleek, streamlined and modern design. In conventional water purifiers, the water passes through the RO membrane, increasing the risk of contamination. Our water purifiers are 100 percent RO membrane filter with protected side flow. So all this is enhanced with our Silver Membrane Technology (SCMT). Moreover, this is not all; You can also choose A.O. Smith water purifiers with the choice of the moment of mineralization Hot water for drinking.

The RO Water Purifier uses perhaps the most recent innovations used in the water purification cycle. The A. O. Smith X7+ RO water purifier works according to RO (reverse osmosis) innovation, which is considered as one of the best processes. In this cycle, pressurized water passes through a semi-porous bed. Purified water is collected to saturate the tank, and impurities in the water are washed into the channel.

AO Smith Technology Of Water Purification

Beautifully crafted and richly designed, A. O. Smith water purifiers for the home use the most exceptional innovations in water purification that are designed to meet your everyday needs. Our licensed side flow RO film is one of the benchmarks in the business. 

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At the same time, the double safety level of Silver Membrane Technology (SCMT) prevents any potential secondary microbial contamination after RO treatment.What’s more, the high-powered UV lamps in our UV water purifiers skillfully destroy microorganisms, so the water you receive remains protected and durable. A.O Smith water purifiers can be wall-mounted, table-top and under-counter. Choose the best water purifier for your home and kitchen based on your requirements.

An RO system ensures that every kind of impurity is removed from the water; and you only approach the safest and cleanest drinking water. These synthetics can often be deadly over time, so you need to pay close attention to detail and ensure that your RO water purifier is performing perfectly. The A. O. Smith RO water purifier undergoes basic 5-stage purification and the ultimate 8-stage disinfection, including pre-channel, settling channel, carbon block, ART™ (Advance Recovery Technology™), patented side-flow RO membrane, MIN-TECH (Technology Mineralizer) and ZX Double Protection Dual Filter*(SAPC + SCMT).

AO Smith Water Purifier Service Center

AO Smith is an automotive manufacturer in India and has a wide range of products for Indian homes. AO Smith brand has forayed into the Indian market with the best water purifiers at a reasonable price. Due to its low maintenance cost and cost, AO Smith water purifiers are currently the choice among customers. Thanks to top-level water purification innovations, all models of water purifiers provide healthy drinking water. This brand is known for its unwavering administration quality and the focus of AO Smith water purifier administration extends to urban communities.

AO Smith offers more than 20 models of RO and UV water purifiers for the Indian market. The scope of application of AO Smith can be purchased for private and office use. There are various models of AO Smith water purifiers priced between Rs.15000 to Rs.50000. Very good quality models are equipped with RO+UF+UF and some are equipped with RO. Famous models from AO Smith: AO Smith Z8 Green RO, AO Smith Z9 10L Green, AO Smith RO X8, and that’s just the beginning. This large number of AO Smith models come with a standard frame and channel warranty.

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